Loudoun Watershed Management Stakeholders Steering Committee

Community-based advisory body established to guide watershed planning and watershed management within Loudoun County, Virginia


  • Membership is open to all citizens, whether individuals or as representatives of businesses, associations and government, who reside or have interests within the watersheds of Loudoun County and support the purposes of the organization.
  • The initial membership of the Steering Committee shall be selected by the Strategic Watershed Management Solutions (SWMS) Team. Thereafter, the Steering Committee membership shall elect its successors in accordance with these bylaws (Initial membership list attached).
  •  Membership shall consist of up to a maximum of twenty-four (24) persons elected by members of the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee shall be comprised of four (4) representatives in each of six (6) member categories. Membership categories shall be as follows:
        1. Agriculture – 4 seats
        2. Business – 4 seats
        3. Building – 4 seats
        4. Conservation – 4 seats
        5. Government – 4 seats
        6. Residents – 4 seats
  •  A Steering Committee member may designate one Alternate to serve in the
    member’s absence. Alternates must be approved by the Executive
    Committee, which shall maintain a list of approved alternates. The Steering
    Committee member shall notify the Chair prior to any meeting when an
    alternate is serving in their place.
  •  Membership Terms:
        1. Members shall serve two (2) year terms commencing January 1st.
    Vacancies shall be filled in accordance with procedures outlined in this
    Article. Members shall be eligible to serve two or more consecutive
    terms. Each annual election shall replace 2 of the 4 seats in each
    membership category so that terms are staggered.
        2. In the event any member unreasonably fails to attend any three (3) or
    more consecutive meetings, the Executive Committee may declare the
    seat vacant.
        3. With the approval of the membership, the Executive Committee may
    request the resignation, or terminate a membership for any act
    deemed to be inconsistent or harmful to the purposes of the
    organization and shall declare the seat vacant.
        4. With the approval of the membership, the Executive Committee may
    ask the Alternate to fill the vacancy.