Loudoun Watershed Management Stakeholders Steering Committee

Community-based advisory body established to guide watershed planning and watershed management within Loudoun County, Virginia

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why was the Committee formed?
A: The Watershed Management Stakeholder Steering Committee evolved from the Loudoun County Strategic Strategy for Watershed Management Solutions (SWMS) activities in 2006. This project culminated in establishing a follow-on entitity.

Q: What authority does the Committee have?
A: The Committee has no legal or binding authority.

Q: Is the Committee recognized?
A: The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors recognized the Steering Committee in 2009.

Q: Why did the committee stop meeting?
A: There was generally a lack of participation.

Q: Are there any water committees meeting now?
A: The County has been addressing the Chespeake Bay TMDL with WIP II meeting. See www.loudoun.gov/wip